Enhance student experience & efficiency with Generative AI chatbots

With PBrain, administrators can easily launch a generative AI chatbot for their service domain.

A student can easily find accurate and effective answers to guide them through administration – all through our chatbot.

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Effectively enhance student engagement & operation efficiency with Generative AI

By answering repetitive queries automatically, your administrators are free to work on more value-added activities.

Improve student services

  • Instant conversational responseInstant conversational response
  • 24/7 accessibility24/7 accessibility
  • Accurate & effective informationAccurate & effective information

Institution operational excellence

  • Reduce impact of employee turn-overReduce impact of employee turn-over
  • Analytics & data-driven insightsAnalytics & data-driven insights
  • Seamless integration with existing technologySeamless integration with existing technology

Administrator friendly

  • No training requiredNo training required
  • Easily update information in WordEasily update information in Word
  • Reduces workloadReduces workload

Respond to enquiries outside office hours

45% of enquiries occur outside normal office hours. With PBrain chatbot, you can deliver instant and timely responses regardless of when and where these enquiries are received.


Reduce email enquiries

PBrain chatbot has been shown to reduce email enquiries by 30%. Focus on high-value and critical tasks that achieve organizational goals, and spend less time answering routine enquiries.

1 hour

Time saving actionable analytics

You only need to spend less than an hour to update your chatbot content each month to address any content gaps. PBrain provides you analytics of what contents to add, and lets you update your content in Microsoft Word.


Get more questions answered

PBrain helps you double the number of FAQs you provide. With PBrain, you can easily organize and categorize your support content, provide quick access to answers, and streamline administrative processes.

Launch within a day and spend less than an hour for each update cycle with our beyond codeless process

PBrain beyond codeless process

Start easy

Convert your existing FAQ/support documentation

Step 1: Serve

Student engages PBrain chatbot

Step 2: Understand

Receive analytics and insights by email

Step 3: Improve

Update chatbot content in Word

Iterate from Step 1

Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?

Enhance your customer engagement & digital servicing with Generative AI

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