10 Customer Strategies for Business Success

by Jeow Li Huan

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Jack Hardy shared 10 customer strategies

Many of these strategies can be partly carried out in a chatbot. Chatbots can be a tool for delivering exceptional customer service and personalised experiences. They can collect customer feedback, provide relevant education and upselling opportunities, and onboard new customers.

How can are you implementing these customer strategies? Share your thoughts!


By Jack Hardy

Occasionally I receive LinkedIn messages to ask for marketing advice. Sometimes from Uni Students due to my position on the board with CIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing and sometimes from marketers.

In an attempt to be more active on LinkedIn as discussed with Lea 🌈 Turner, I still need to buy that ebook!

And with a bit of inspiration from Alice de Courcy after reading the diary of a first time CMO I will be summarising the discussions and turning them into posts.

My latest discussion was with Sarah Murray about Customer Retention Stratigies.

So here’s 10 strategies to consider…

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