10 UX Best Practices for E-commerce Success

by Jeow Li Huan

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Want success for your ecommerce? Follow the 10 user experience best practices from Oumaima.

How many of the best practices have you adopted? What else would you recommend? Share your thoughts!

User experience

By Oumaima Amara

10 UX best practices for ecommerce success

  1. Don’t make people wait to view your site ( fast load times and checkout experiences )

  2. Understand how people read/scan information ( Visitors scan web pages in an ‘F’ pattern. So draw their attention with a [strong] header/headline” and layout pages accordingly.)

  3. Make it easy to find products ( put color or size variations on a single product page to cut down on clutter and make it easier to navigate, create logical product and subcategories so people can [easily find] what they want…

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