AI Chatbots: Expectations and Realities

by Jeow Li Huan

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Are you worried or excited about AI chatbots such as ChatGPT? M. Rezaul Hassan shared the expectations and realities of chatbots.

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AI robot

By M. Rezaul Hassan

Facts About Chatbots: Expectation Vs. Reality

I’ve been getting numerous questions about AI chatbots from my friends and acquaintances since we first started REVE Chat. But, this time, as ChatGPT hype is on the rise, I’m literally getting flooded with chatbot-related questions.

Also, I’m following how online folks are getting concerned about AI chatbots. Based on all these, I have 2 major observations:

  • Many people are having “mythical” expectations about AI, particularly about chatbots during the ChatGPT surge.
  • Some netizens think they are going to lose their jobs…

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