Growing Use of AI in Customer Experience Raises Expectations

by Jeow Li Huan

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“Customer expectations have also increased, with 73% of consumers in APAC wanting chatbots to provide the same level of service as humans … there is a growing realisation that meeting customers’ expectations will require a more concerted effort.”

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Chatbot on phone

By Aaron Tan on TechTarget

APAC consumers expect human-like service from chatbots

The growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experience (CX) has raised the performance bar of AI applications, with customers getting more comfortable with the technology, a survey has found.

According to Zendesk’s latest CX trends report, 64% of businesses polled in Asia-Pacific (APAC) indicated that the performance of AI and chatbots has increased significantly over the past year, and that they are becoming more natural and human…

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