The Build vs Buy Dilemma: Choosing the Right Approach for Chatbot Development

by Jeow Li Huan

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Should you build your chatbot out of building blocks like Dialogflow, or use a chatbot platform that requires little training?

Many companies face this build versus buy dilemma. In the AI chatbot space, Google chose to build their Bard chatbot, while Microsoft partnered with OpenAI and launched the Bing AI Assistant before Google does, propelling Bing’s app store download above Google’s. Microsoft’s decision to “buy” turns out to be the smart choice.

Unless you need a high degree of customization and control, developing a chatbot out of building blocks will be very time consuming and costly. By leveraging an easy to use chatbot platform, you can focus on the content and conversation flow, improve the experience from actionable chatbot analytics, thus making a great chatbot experience for your users.

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ChatGPT vs Google

By Sanjay Mehta

Build versus Buy story is of Microsoft Open AI V/S Google Bard AI

Microsoft partnered with Open AI did investment and reaps benefits instead Google builds in house Bard AI

Google lost $100B…

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