Features of a Successful Chatbot and Best Practices to Create One

by Jeow Li Huan

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“Instead of launching ad campaigns hoping someone will notice, chatbot marketing and conversational AI can help you guide customers through the whole buyer journey and lead them to the products they need.”

Have you considered using chatbot as your customer conversion tool? Chatbots can guide customers to the right product, thereby increasing the likelihood they will buy from you.

Share with us how you are leveraging chatbot for your sales and marketing 👇!

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By Max Koziolek on Fast Company

Chatbot marketing: Five best practices for creating a successful chatbot

Marketers gather new tools and try new approaches all the time. But do any of them actually work? Or are your efforts not being heard over the noise of your competitors?

Because of privacy regulations, six out of 10 marketers say their tactics are less effective. Digital ads are no longer performing as well, and their effectiveness may be overestimated by as much as 4,000%. It’s also getting more difficult to gain customer attention with…

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