Integrating ChatGPT: Considerations for Customer Service Chatbots

by Jeow Li Huan

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Is it time to integrate ChatGPT into your customer service chatbot?

At the current stage, it is not advisable. As Brooke B. Sellas at B Squared Media, LLC mentioned in the podcast, “ChatGPT could get the answer wrong, and when people are looking for help, if they get a wrong answer, you’re done.” You may lose the customer.

Is there hope that new technology can improve customer experience? Kenneth Kinney, known for his A Shark’s Perspective podcast, is “excited about where it could go, maybe even more than ChatGPT today. But the problem is until someone can really help me move to the next stage correctly as a customer, you get lost in purgatory trying to just run through an endless Q&A session.” Thus, it is important to focus on the objective of moving the customer through their journey, and not apply technology indiscriminately.

Given the technology constraints today, what do you do to maximise the effectiveness of a flow-based chatbot? Share your thoughts below 👇

Chatting CX, GPT, bots and more

By Kenneth Kinney

What are the implications as to how Chat GPT, AI, bots, and technology play within Customer Experience?

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In Episode Three of The CX Engine Show, Kenneth Kinney and Brooke B. Sellas get into high gear chatting about:

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