Driving Efficiency and Customer Experience

by Jeow Li Huan

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High-performing customer service teams embrace these

Automation to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction

80% of service teams found it difficult to achieve both speed and quality. Companies thus use chatbot and self-service portals, digitize forms, and automated routing and approval rules.

Simplify technology stacks and processes

By streamlining processes on a single platform, service teams are more efficient and less error prone.

Break down departmental silos

Create a cohesive, connected experience across customers’ engagement online and in-store.

At PBrain, you manage your chatbot content on your choice of platform, with the only requirement that the platform can export a Word document, or is one of our supported platforms. This lets you simplify your technology stacks, while achieving automation via chatbot.

High-performing customer service team

By Clara Shih on diginomica

In the face of economic uncertainty, leading customer service organizations are investing in three key areas to strengthen their customer relationships and position themselves for success now.

From chatbot conversations to field service appointments, customer service interactions are a brand’s most critical touch points in driving repeat business, loyalty, and word of mouth. Nearly half of those who switched brands last year blamed poor customer service, and almost 90% of customers say a company’s experience is just as important as its products and services. It’s the difference between repeat buyers who leave glowing reviews and disgruntled customers who…

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