Strategies for Effective Leadership in Customer Service Experience

by Jeow Li Huan

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Alex Mead shared how to lead Customer Service Experience effectively

  1. Digital customer service design in all appropriate customer facing touch points
  2. Omnichannel customer contact design for each customer segment and type
  3. Knowledge management and AI / chatbot design that is continually maintained and refined
  4. CRM case management and workflow design to ensure full context, follow up and root cause analysis
  5. People management framework that drives performance across all customer operations teams
  6. Analytics and insights that summarise reasons for contact root cause and sentiment

What are the challenges you face when collecting insights and maintaining knowledge management & chatbot? Share your thoughts!

Good customer service rating

By Alex Mead

Customer Service Experience Leadership (CSX) is very different to being a CX Professional. To lead CSX effectively there are multiple facets which many will not appreciate.

Here’s what I typically have to do :

1 - Digital Customer Service Design - defining and leading the strategy for how customers can get self-service help across websites, apps & social media pages (speech and SMS self-service too, but not as common)

Basically designing in conjunction with Marketing & Technology how Customer Service Experience solutions can be integrated into all appropriate customer facing…

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