Enhance Customer Experience and Engagement with PBrain’s Launch Topic Feature

by Jeow Li Huan

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Screenshot of button to launch chatbot topic

Integrating a chatbot with your website can greatly enhance the customer experience and help you engage with your customers more effectively. With the feature to start a specific topic in the PBrain chatbot, you can guide your customers to the information they need quickly and efficiently, without them having to navigate through multiple pages or wait for a response from a support personnel.

To start a specific topic in your chatbot when your customers click a button on your website, you can use the code snippet below.

    document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
        document.getElementById("launch").addEventListener("click", () => {
                chatLogic: "Better serve your customers",
<button id="launch" type="button">Start</button>

Here is how it works: the DOMContentLoaded event ensures that the code runs only after the webpage has been loaded. The getElementById retrieves the button to add a click event listener. Finally, the event listener starts a specific topic in the chatbot.

If you would like a one liner, here’s how

    onlick="PBrain.config({ chatLogic: 'Better serve your customers' })"

We hope you leverage this feature to streamline your customer interactions and enhance customer engagement!

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