Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences Across Generations

by Jeow Li Huan

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Are you aware of the communication preferences of your customers across different generations? Gaurav Agarwal shared that it is important to note that customers have their own preferred communication channels, including phone, email, social media and chatbot. Personalization is key to creating a positive customer experience. By tailoring your communication approach to each customer’s preference, you can provide exceptional customer service and build long-term loyalty.

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By Gaurav Agarwal

Creating a positive customer experience in a marketplace that caters to multiple generations - requires understanding the unique needs and preferences of each generation. With Baby Boomers, personalized service is key, while Gen Z may prefer more self-service options. It’s important to offer multiple channels of communication to accommodate all generations.

Some may prefer phone or email, while others may prefer social media or chatbots…

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