How to Deliver a Customer-Centric Digital Customer Experience

by Xiao Yuhong

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“When it comes to self-service, for example, 81% of consumers want more options, but only 15% are happy with current tools.”

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Digital shopping checkout

By Yotam Ben Ami on CMSWire

Why are customers not satisfied and brands, all too often, not seeing the desired ROI on their investments? Time to make CX more personal

It’s no secret that brands are increasingly embracing digital customer experiences across the customer journey. What may be more surprising is that there is a massive gap between how effective brands believe these experiences to be and how consumers feel.

According to a recent study, while 53% of brands believe that their customers are satisfied with their digital self-service tools, only 15% of customers actually agree. In another report, PWC found that 54% of consumers believe CX in most companies needs improvement…

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