Taking a Hybrid Approach to Unleash the Best Out of AI and Flow-based Chatbots

by Jeow Li Huan

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We believe that the increased adoption of chatbot technology in recent years has been beneficial not only for companies in terms of efficiency and cost savings, but for customers in terms of getting served outside office hours and getting quick resolution to simple problems.

Current AI lacks the ability to understand image and video submitted by the customers, or use image and video to supplement their text output, which limits the types of interactions AI-only chatbots can provide. Given the room for growth in chatbot capabilities, chatbot technology is unlikely to plateau soon.

At PBrain, we envision a hybrid approach where interaction with AI chatbot seamlessly leads to traditional flow-based chatbot for customers to complete the transaction they requested. By leveraging the strengths of each of these technologies, they work hand-in-hand to deliver the best customer experience.

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