Build your Guided Custom GPT chatbot with one click

by Jeow Li Huan

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The Infocomm Media Development Authority in Singapore launched the GenAI Sandbox for SMEs to support companies in gaining hands-on experience with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) solutions. This initiative offers 13 GenAI solutions tailored to support SMEs in:

PBrain’s Custom Guided ChatGPT is one of the 13 solutions offered! The chatbot conversationally captures leads by providing prompt personalised answers and only requesting for contact details when your customers demonstrate interest.

You will receive customer lead information and data insights on how to improve your chatbot. Additionally, you can easily edit the chatbot responses in Microsoft Word.

Participate in the sandbox now if you are an SME in Singapore looking to adopt GenAI solutions to increase the number of leads on your website! Successful and eligible applicants will receive grant support from IMDA to trial one of the GenAI solutions of their choice for three months, to gain hands-on experience and better understand the functions of GenAI and the benefits to their businesses.

Build your Guided Custom GPT chatbot with one click

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