Leveraging FAQs to Boost Sales: Understanding Customer and Meeting Expectations

by Jeow Li Huan

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40% of shoppers expect FAQ, 83% wants to ask questions

Are you aware of the potential sales you could be losing when your customers visit your FAQ page but don’t make a purchase?

Your customers have unique purchase decision processes. You could learn about their processes from the types of FAQs they are searching for, and the insights are valuable for refining your messaging and targeting to them.

On average, about 5-10% of your potential customers will visit your FAQ page. By providing instant and accurate answers to their questions, you can help guide them towards making a purchase.

In fact, a recent study by MDG found that 40% of shoppers expect to find Q&A about products and services on e-commerce websites, and 83% say it is important to have the ability to ask questions. This highlights the importance of providing a well-curated FAQ and opportunities for customers to ask questions.

How would you provide FAQ, give avenue for customers to ask questions and capture their decision processes simultaneously? Share your strategy below!

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