Rising Inflation Escalates the Need for Exceptional Customer Experience

by Jeow Li Huan

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“As inflation rises, companies can expect to experience an inflated demand for great customer experience and value for its customers.”

With customers’ expectation that customer experience improves with increased prices, how are you meeting that expectation?

Chart of increased price raising expectation across age groups

By Stephanie Bannos-Ryback, Shanelle Nimley, and Jessica Nguyen on Ipsos

How inflation affects customer experience expectations

With inflation at +9.1% as of June 2022 vs. May 2021, the highest rate in four decades, Ipsos sought to understand how increased pressure on wallets translated (or not) to increased expectations within the customer experience.

In our Human vs. Digital study, we uncovered that the pandemic led to heightened expectations across digital channels of engagement for all demographics. With people re-entering the physical world, expectations on human (employee) interactions are even higher…

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