A Strategic Approach to Maximize the Potential of AI

by Jeow Li Huan

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How to make AI work for you? Hiten shared his experience that implementing AI tools require project planning:

Followed by implementation cycle:

  1. data preparation
  2. technology selection
  3. integration
  4. user testing
  5. pilot deployment
  6. user training
  7. scaling
  8. maintenance

In our experience, many companies underestimate the ongoing cost of user training and maintenance, which continue for years long after the implementation of the tool. We believe that during technology selection, it is crucial to consider ease-of-use and ease-of-maintenance.

At PBrain, we are always innovating to make our platform easier to use and maintain. If you are curious about our approach, we would love to chat with you! Send us a message to learn more.

AI implementation

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