Tele-Prompt: An AI Meeting Companion for Sales Advice and Inspiration

by Jeow Li Huan

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Do you know that there’s a Tele-Prompt chatbot that helps generates interesting quotes during meetings? Sound smart by saying what it suggests, such as “to learn Sales (telesales) dial 300+ calls daily”.

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Attending an online meeting

By Aaron Mok on Business Insider

2 coders made a teleprompter AI that suggests smart things to say during your work meetings

  • Two coders shared a demo of Tele-Prompt, an AI that generates things to say during work meetings.
  • Tele-Prompt uses natural language processing to suggest sales advice and slogans meant to inspire.
  • The bot isn’t a consumer product, but its code is publicly available on GitHub.

Two coders have shared a demo of a project they’re calling Tele-Prompt — an AI-bot that listens in on work meetings and simultaneously generates interesting quotes that you could choose to interject into the conversation…

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