The Hype and Realities of AI Chatbots

by Jeow Li Huan

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Why AI chatbot is not ready for directly interacting with your customers yet

At PBrain, we apply AI to enhance our search and decision-based chatbot, avoiding the above pitfalls. Let us work with you to create an intelligent, guided chatbot experience!


By Tony Ho Tran on The Daily Beast

A Chatbot Could Never Write This Article. Here’s Why

So you’re probably freaking out about ChatGPT—which is understandable.

Since its release last year from artificial intelligence lab OpenAI, it’s created a firestorm of discourse about how these large language models will be a kind of universal disruptor, capable of doing everything from writing essays for students, pumping out SEO articles for publications, and even dethroning Google as the world’s most popular search engine. It even threatens creatives, potentially replacing…

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