Unlocking the Human Potential in Digital Transformation: Making Customer Servicing Human-Centric

by Xiao Yuhong

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“It’s common for organizations to make digital progress without a plan to fully realize the strategy … but what comes next?”

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Entrepreneur explaining to colleague while sitting in office

By Maria Orozova on Forbes

The Human Problem (And Potential) Of Digital Transformation

Sometimes, it can be hard for all of us, including clients, to see the big picture. Whether it’s budgetary constraints, resistance to change or concern about the unknown, there’s something about an ambitious strategy that often makes clients think, “Wait a second. Slow down.” They might be interested in specific parts of a solution, but a large transformation is harder to grasp, which is totally fair, considering the inherent fear of large-scale change.

Here’s the thing: When it comes to transforming your organization, it’s important to consider all aspects of the change…

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