You Might Not Need a Conversational AI Chatbot

by Jeow Li Huan

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Agreeing with Guilherme Quelhos, we also observe that many companies only have a small team and limited budget to maintain a self-service chatbot. While these companies may prioritize improving customer experience, they often do not have the resources to build and maintain a sophisticated, conversational AI chatbot.

For these companies, the effort put into a guided chatbot will have very visible impact on how well the chatbot can handle customer queries and deflect from service agents. Guiding customers to the information they need, and enabling them to search, will get their questions answered without human intervention. Hence, a guided chatbot is the most effective solution.

What other considerations will influence the choice of chatbot? Share your thoughts 👇

Guided chatbot

By Guilherme Quelhos

Not all companies need a conversational chatbot.

Prove that I am wrong.

Although I am an enthusiast of conversational AI, the truth is that most companies just need a guided chatbot for self-service.

Yeah, these guided chatbots may be boring but they will handle a lot of…

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