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Always be there for your customers

Deliver unparalleled customer service around the clock, and remove barriers and strategically prompt your customers to drive them towards a making purchase decision.


Understand your customers twice as well

Unlock deep insights of your customers from their usage of your FAQs, pinpoint gaps in content, and identify areas of interest and concern that can help you better serve their needs

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Time saving actionable analytics

You only need to spend less than an hour to update your chatbot content each month to address any content gaps. PBrain provides you analytics of what contents to add, and lets you update your content in Microsoft Word.

Launch within a day and spend less than an hour for each update cycle with our beyond codeless process

PBrain beyond codeless process

Start easy

Convert your existing FAQ/support documentation

Step 1: Serve

Customer engages PBrain chatbot

Step 2: Understand

Receive analytics and insights by email

Step 3: Improve

Update chatbot content in Word

Iterate from Step 1

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