Our Conversation Management Platform

reinvents the possibility of AI Chatbot technologies

Effective, Adaptive and Scalable

To achieve the benefits, PBrain’s engagement management platform is built on top of these five design principles.

Codeless AI

Our codeless AI allows you leverage on the advantages of cutting-edge AI technology without an expensive investment in in-house technical competence.

Data Analytics

Various analytics and dashboards are designed for you to understand the effectiveness of your conversation engagements, resulting in deep consumer in-sights for assessment and continuous improvements.

UI Driven Conversation Content Management

We have developed the user interfaces to easily manage different types of conversation content without technical expertise. This makes it possible for business units to manage their own conversation content.


The platform provides machine-translation (70+) languages and works seamlessly with multiple human translation to ensure that your conversation content is available to your audience in all the necessary languages.

Multi Channel

To ensure that your conversation have maximum reach, we have also developed multiple conversation channels on which you can engage your audience.

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