Reinventing Product Information Management

User manuals can be a Profit Driver!

User manuals should do more for you and your customers rather than being a cost. It can drive a better customer experience, leading to greater sales while improving your operative efficiency.

  • Customer Experience
  • Onboarding Experience
  • User Manual
  • Customer Support
  • Troubleshooting Guide

Interactive user support

Take a look at our 1 minute video to find out more!

Deploy in multiple languages and for different markets easily & quickly

Easily cross language barriers and expand your client pool by serving multiple markets through scaling your operative efficiency and utilizing PBrain’s cutting-edge technology.

Insights from customer interaction with User Manuals

Learn from all customer interactions with user manuals (unboxing, assembly, installation, troubleshooting, queries) to make continuous improvements in customer experience and product design.

Increase sales and improve profit margins

Achieve quantifiable desired outcomes such as higher sales, lower rate of returns, lower cost of customer service, and higher customer satisfaction scores.

Our Secret Sauce

We use a combination of deep understanding of current business contexts and proprietary technology to make the solution possible. Find out more below:

Take your digital customer servicing to the next level!