We make User Manuals better

PBrain is the simplest to adopt and most impactful User Manual innovation.

“Our customer can get quality responses to their queries anytime, anywhere, in their desired language. This has definitely piqued their interest to further their interaction with us.”

Instantly adds interactivity to a static user manual experience

From user manual
to chatbot

Our AI Converter automatically converts a PDF user manual into an AI Chatbot

“PBrain’s analytics provided us insights driven by quantitative data into the needs and problems faced by our customers. It has definitely allowed us to revisit the assumptions we made when designing our product.”

Bring immense impact to your enterprise with the PBrain innovation!

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Reduction of physical prints

Improved Customer Experience

24/7 multilingual interactive experience

Gain Consumer Insights

Actionable Analytics for product design and customer support

“With less information to be included into a user manual, we have been able to reduce the number of prints significantly.”

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